When Disaster Strikes, You Need Storm Restoration Services From MasterCraft Contracting LLC

Storm damage restoration

Though severe storms rarely hit our region directly (the last was Hurricane Sandy in 2012), remnants of tropical storms and hurricanes sometimes cause severe conditions during the summer months. When tropical force winds cause unexpected damage to your roof or home, MasterCraft Contracting LLC stands by to lead storm restoration work with a fast response time and weatherproof results. We are an experienced local roofing contractor with veteran experience that counts when it comes to storm damage restoration.

Common storm damage includes:

  • Lifted or curled shingles due to wind
  • Punctures and holes in roofs or siding
  • Water damage from rain in compromised areas
  • Missing or damaged gutters and downspouts
  • Minor to severe flooding

Peace Of Mind That Works Overtime

Storm damage takes away peace of mind and creates safety hazards for important investments and possessions, not to mention your household. We understand the duress storm damage can cause, which is why we do fast response times on restoration work with a top priority of making your home safe, sturdy, and weatherproof again as soon as possible.

MasterCraft Contracting LLC Storm Restoration Assurance

  • Our team is knowledgeable at working with insurance to cover the cost of storm damage restoration if applicable.
  • We are an accredited, licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractor.
  • We do roof repair and roof replacement as well as gutter and downspout work for wherever damage strikes.
  • We treat all our customers' homes with the same passion and care we would our own.

Addressing Invisible Damage

Damage isn't immediately apparent after a storm. Sometimes rainfall or wind can cause subtle damage that becomes more visible when you have a professional assessment from a roofing contractor. Our experts are trained and passionate about assessing any underlying storm damage to your home so we can properly fix storm damage and leave you with a weathertight home that's sturdy and dependable. We check for water damage such as rot and leaks so you can get the right repairs the first time. After a storm, surprises are the last thing you need, and our team keeps that in mind while taking care of your home.

  • Beyond roofing, we also do interior work and are experienced at caring for interior storm damage where it occurs.
  • We've assembled a team of experts with deep industry roots so we can all share knowledge and skills for your benefit.
  • MasterCraft Contracting LLC isn't just a company name, it's what we do.

For reliable, efficient storm-damage restoration work tailored to your home's needs after a storm, call or complete our online request form to schedule service.

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