Replacement Windows & Doors To Improve Visual Appeal & Energy Efficiency In Dover


Beyond being decorative pieces that are pretty, doors and windows connect homes to the outside world! Periodically updating those outdoor connections with replacement windows and doors keeps homes feeling fresh and connected to the neighborhood and community. You can reframe your home's entrances with looks suited to you. Replacement windows and doors also bring climate control benefits through fresh seals meaning fewer pests inside the house and lower utility bills in the long run.

Replacement Doors

New doors are a great affordable way to spruce up a stale space. Fresh hinges, knobs, and seals bring a boost in functionality and insulation while also bringing new curb appeal and a new look. We can also equip new doors with additional locks or security features for extra peace of mind.

  • Tailor your home's image with new doors.
  • Rustic and homegrown or elegant and stately? Lots of glass or just a little? The choice is yours!
  • We'll listen to your vision and help select options and price points suited to your needs.
  • Our full-service remodeling contractors help match replacement doors to the rest of your remodel for a complete look that's bursting with personality.

The Pest Control Secret

Struggling with bugs or other unwanted pests? Reaching for more chemicals and treatments is tempting, but what if the problem is seals that pests can easily bypass? We have a pest control secret: replacement windows and doors. Replacements automatically include brand new seals that keep invaders out while keeping AC or heat in!

  • Keeping pests out permanently saves money on bug treatments and exterminator fees.
  • Enjoy energy savings that keep heating and cooling in but pests out.
  • Fresh seals protect what's important by guarding your home against infestation, mildew, and mold.

Replacement Windows

Updating windows in Dover is easy with MasterCraft Contracting LLC finishing your home. We're a top remodeling contractor for Dover replacement windows thanks to options and services that past clients endorse online and off. Our skilled technicians pair modern techniques with classic craftsmanship to deliver results that help homes pop inside and out. You'll enjoy many benefits after your new windows are installed including better climate control and protection against unwanted pests thanks to fresh seals. We offer a full selection of window styles and products including ultrastrong and modern fiberglass. Ask our experts about siding installation that accents new windows with a completely new look!

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