Dover Exterior Remodeling: Siding, Windows, Doors, & More

Professional exterior remodeling is a great way to boost outdoor curb appeal and lower maintenance costs. Your Dover home will stand out immediately with an installation of fresh doors, siding, gutters, windows, or more all done by our MasterCraft Contracting LLC experts. Our technicians help you select from options ranging from affordable to ultra-luxury and will work with you to tailor materials to your home's signature look.

Elevate Curb Appeal And Return On Investment

When it comes to exterior remodeling, there's only one Dover remodeling contractor who's earned our community's trust through the command of our craft: MasterCraft Contracting LLC. We believe that home makeovers are more than just TV magic, they're possible. We aim to be your preeminent choice for quality exterior remodeling contractor work through trustworthy and transparent service at a great price whether you're looking for a home makeover, a boost in property value, or a better functioning home.

  • Our team of experts works hard to translate home improvement visions into reality.
  • Our exterior overhauls inspire double-takes from passersby and potential buyers, too.
  • Schedule a meeting with one of our experts to discuss your vision and goals to begin the process.
  • New to homeownership or exterior remodeling? No problem! We'll guide you through making informed decisions suited to your goals.

Replacement Windows & Doors

Doors and windows aren't just slabs of wood and glass, they're what keep homes connected to the outside world! Updating doors brings the chance to reframe your home's entrances with looks suited to you. Replacement windows and doors also bring the benefits of improved climate control through fresh seals meaning fewer pests inside the house and lower utility bills in the long run.

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Siding Installation

More homeowners are reaching for siding to improve their home's look and reduce maintenance costs. Choosing siding means eliminating your need to repaint homes year after year, thus saving time, money, and energy. We have options ranging from affordable vinyl to sophisticated premium siding like wood, brick, stone, and shake.

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Gutters & Downspouts

A high-value exterior remodeling option not to overlook is gutters and downspouts. New gutters keep landscaping and home foundations safe by helping rain properly flow away from the home. Pick from stunning classic or contemporary gutter and downspout options like aluminum, copper, zinc, and vinyl, and consider dodging gutter clogs down the line while you're at it with time-saver options like gutter caps.

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House and Garage Roof Replacement

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New Custom Deck, Montgomery County, MD

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