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Roof replacement for your home is a big decision that MasterCraft Contracting LLC makes simple and painless. We're a roofing contractor in Dover with deep roots in the industry which means you enjoy the benefits of our experience in craftsmanship and customer service. All roofs have lifespans and will eventually need to be replaced.

  • It may be time for a replacement if you find your roof needing repairs more and more frequently.
  • Pulling the trigger on a roof replacement investment is easier with a roofing company that's knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about your home.
  • MasterCraft Contracting LLC isn't just a name, it's what we do! We've worked in roofing for years and work safely and efficiently to bring customers cutting-edge roofs at a great price.
  • Not sure roof replacement is right for you? We do roof repair, too.

New Roofs

Opting for a roof replacement has several benefits that might not be apparent to the naked eye. Roofs aren't a spot where you'd relax, cook meals, or store possessions but roofs provide essential benefits to your home regardless.

  • Make a great impression - Roofs add to your home's outdoor look. Your replacement roof brings opportunities to pick from new shingles or materials with personalized color options.
  • Cut down on bills - there have likely been advancements in roof technology since your home's last replacement. New options have energy-efficient features when it comes to insulation and climate control.
  • Know the lifespan - roof replacement takes out the anxiety and guesswork of frequent repairs. Your new roof's predictable lifespan brings peace of mind that frees up days and nights for more enjoyable living.

Roof Installation

We've become a top-chosen roofing contractor for roof replacement in Dover through steady, predictable work that gets results at a great price. Our admin team works to secure proper permits while our service team simultaneously guides you in selecting materials so our technicians can work free of interruption or delay. MasterCraft Contracting LLC is an insured, efficient, and goal-oriented roofing contractor who works to treat all our customers' home projects with the passion and care we would our own homes. We understand that roofing work can feel intrusive when it drags on, and we strive to protect your privacy and peace of mind through project management that moves projects to completion on time.

Beyond The Shingle

Shingles are the most commonly available roofing material but you have other options that can take your home to the next level. We're happy to discuss contemporary, sophisticated options with you such as metal, slate, wood, clay tile, or synthetic roofing. All these are available in different colors and come with different looks and ratings to consider when outfitting your home with a new roof.

Our Latest Roof Replacement Projects

Lifetime Shingle Roof Replacement

Lifetime Shingle Roof Replacement

Happy New Year to our friends and neighbors. What better way to start the year off than to have the tired old roof replaced? Have three roofs replaced as our customer recently did! This beautiful sanctuary is looking like new again thanks to Owens Corning Duration […]

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Farm Roof Replacements in Delaware City

Farm Roof Replacements in Delaware City

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends and clients. We are truly thankful for such wonderful relationships! Whether you need a new roof on your castle or farm, MasterCraft is a trusted partner that you can rely on every time. We recently replaced a series of roofs for our […]

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Hotel Roof Replacement and Solar in Salisbury, MD

Hotel Roof Replacement and Solar in Salisbury, MD

We recently completed an entire asphalt shingle roof replacement in just two days! The owner of this property will enjoy a lifetime shingle roof with the added benefit of a soon-to-be-installed solar system. Let us help you beautify your property and defray some of your energy expenses. Services: Roof […]

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