Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling To Customize Your Dover Home To Your Needs


Tired of trying to read labels in a dim pantry or bathroom cabinet? Bathroom and kitchen remodeling is the number one way to improve the daily flow of home routines in Dover. Kitchens and bathrooms are on average the most used common spaces of the home and it's normal to have them updated to suit changing needs from time to time. We've earned our reputation as a top Dover remodeling contractor through a resume that's full of stellar accomplishments and satisfied customers.

  • We recommend MasterCraft Contracting LLC for all remodeling needs if you're looking for a contractor who combines industry experience with a modern approach.
  • MasterCraft Contracting LLC knows the cutting-edge features but balances that with the foundational essentials of great craftsmanship.
  • Choose from flooring options, lighting features, countertops, accessibility features, and more.
  • We execute your vision in a timely manner with all the proper permits and precautions necessary for picture-perfect results that last a lifetime.

Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation

Most households use the kitchen more than any other space in the home which makes it the perfect place to begin home renovations. We're a remodeling contractor who knows classy kitchen trends and takes pride in kitchen transformations tailored to each of our customer's needs. From gourmet cooks to busy families who need efficient dining and storage solutions, we've got you covered. We have options you'll love and promise to keep the process stress-free with honest service from kitchen start to finish.

  • Kitchen needs often change or evolve throughout most people's lives. You might find the original design isn't giving you the most enjoyment possible from your home and want to adjust your home to new needs as family members and residents arrive or depart.
  • From boosting lighting, storage, or seating to building out a new pantry or backsplash, we're standing by to transform old kitchens into fresh kitchens that keep good times (and good eats) coming!

Bathroom Remodels With A Luxury Touch

Transform stale space into luxury bathrooms with Dover bathroom remodeling from MasterCraft Contracting LLC experts. Bathroom remodeling is a popular service with our clients and for a good reason. Good daily routines often start and end in the bathroom, so when routines start to feel stale, bathroom remodeling may be just what you need. We have options ranging from classic to contemporary for fresh looks that accentuate your household's personality perfectly.

  • Consider additions like tile for easy cleaning floors with extra resistance to water
  • Installing efficient appliances like toilets, sinks, and showerheads helps reduce utility bills over time
  • Take the opportunity to refresh window and door seals as part of bathroom remodeling for extra climate control protection
  • Bathroom or kitchen work is also available for basement finishing projects to bring amenities to remodeled basements

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