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Just like a trusty hat that's been through some hard work and rugged adventures with you, home roofs may show wear over time that call for repair or replacement. We're your Dover roofing company for repairs and replacement with proven results in the region. Roof maintenance is an important part of ensuring your home's longevity in the Atlantic climate. Roofs are way up there out of sight and mostly out of mind, but they provide your home with invaluable protection and are deserving of care.

  • Choosing a roofing contractor includes big questions: Are they experienced, insured, and efficient?
  • MasterCraft Contracting LLC says yes to all of the above. MasterCraft Contracting LLC isn't just a name, it's what we do! We're the Dover roofing contractor that's on the region's lips.

Roof Repairs

Leaky ceilings, broken shingles, insulation issues, a loss of color: these are just some of the reasons you need roof repairs from MasterCraft Contracting LLC. Roofing is our area of expertise, and our experts assess blatant damage and irritating invisible issues with master efficiency.

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Roof Replacement

Pulling the trigger on the big necessary investment of roof replacement is easier with a roofing company that's knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about your home. MasterCraft Contracting LLC takes roof replacement seriously because we know it's a big decision that homeowners aim to make as few times as possible.

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Master Craftsmanship With Quality Assurance

First-time investors or homeowners may not fully grasp the ins and outs of roof maintenance (especially big projects like replacement). The MasterCraft Contracting LLC roofing company is happy to work with first-time owners and takes pride in helping guide your journey with good maintenance habits that protect your family and your home investments for years to come.

  • Any kind of roof work can be dangerous to tackle on your own. Many homeowners choose not to tackle these areas themselves for good reason.
  • The MasterCraft Contracting LLC team of trained roofing experts has your needs covered for replacement and repair.
  • Our roofing company works safely and efficiently to restore roofs back to their naturally protective shape at a great price.
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