Siding Installation To Upgrade Your Dover Home


Siding plays a big part in how your home looks on the outside. MasterCraft Contracting LLC proudly offers siding installation in the Dover area with materials ranging from classic to cutting edge. We'll help you pick the look that's right for your needs and walk you through other considerations such as insulation that help climate-proof your home. Siding isn't just for looks, it's also your home's first line of defense from sun, rain, climate, and pests, too!

New Siding

More homeowners are reaching for siding to improve their home's look and reduce maintenance costs. Siding eliminates your need to repaint homes year after year, thus saving time, money, and energy. We have options ranging from affordable vinyl to sophisticated premium choices like wood, brick, stone, and fiberglass cement.

  • Siding installation options each come with ratings on moisture resistance, fire resistance, and pest resistance.
  • Fiberglass cement is the top-rated material in each resistance category.
  • Rustic options like wood and masonry siding are popular modern picks.
  • Also, consider new gutters and downspouts that accent new siding and keep surfaces clean by directing water away from the home.

Replacement Siding

Siding installation projects can cover entire homes or sometimes just a section or spot in the event of damage (car collision, natural disaster, etc). When it comes to spot repairs we work to select materials best matched to the original siding to keep your home's look seamless and complete.

  • Replacement is a good option for new homeowners looking to overhaul their purchase's exterior with a look tailored to you.
  • Replacement lets you trade in one material for another such as fiber cement for extra fire and climate resistance.
  • Remodeling contractor projects are a great time to add siding insulation for lower energy bills and more efficient heating and cooling.

Siding Cleaning & Care

We've earned our reputation as a top remodeling contractor in Dover not only through siding installation and other work but also by advising clients on caring for their home makeovers inside and out. Your new siding doesn't require fresh paint or other time-intensive maintenance often, but it will need occasional periodic cleaning to preserve its natural finish. Pressure washing is the best way to clean most home siding. The pressurized water quickly removes dirt and grime that's invisible to the naked eye and strips siding of food sources for algae and mold. Some siding like wood or fiberglass cement requires softer washing which most professional pressure washing companies happily handle too. Always research and consult an expert before cleaning siding on your own!

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